our history

Our Mission Statement - Make disciple makers of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Our Vision Statement - Bring people together in Christ. (Ephesians 2:13-22)

Late 1986/Early 1987

Pastor TL Rogers responds to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to organize The Triumphant Baptist Church.

May 3, 1987

Triumphant holds its first service at the Holiday Inn, located at 15th Street & Rhode Island Avenue in NW Washington, DC.

October 1987

Triumphant has its Service of Recognition to officially be recognized as a church and no longer just a mission.


Our Savior Episcopal Church, located at 16th & Irving Streets, NE, Washington, DC opens its doors for Triumphant to hold worship services on Sunday afternoons.


Dr. Dwight McKissic is led by the Holy Spirit to show Pastor Rogers that Hyattsville was fertile ground for the gospel to spread. 1991 As the ministry begins to plant seeds in Hyattsville, Triumphant begins holding services inside the Chillum Elementary School in Hyattsville, MD.

August 1994

Triumphant moves into its first home at 6012 Ager Road, Hyattsville, MD. Encouraged by the prophetic message of the late Dr. E.V. Hill to “Have the spirit of Caleb, who said we are well able to take it,” (Numbers 13:30), Triumphant was challenged to “Go and Possess the Land.”


Metropolitan Baptist Church, under the leadership of Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, begins investing into Triumphant and sends ministerial staff to undergird the ministries. This investment changes the trajectory of Triumphant propelling it forward.